For over 75 years, we have kept pace with changes and innovations in the industry. But some things have not changed… providing guidance to our clients. We believe that advocating for our clients is not only the right thing to do but it also deepens the relationship as we have a shared interest in getting it right. What do we mean? For most of our clients, signage design, wayfinding, fabrication, installation and, servicing challenges are foreign to them, even those experienced in construction. So, our goal is to understand the objectives of the project so that we can advise and recommend solutions that align with overall goals set by the client.


This is what we do best. 30 years ago, we recognized that the signage industry was going to change as more cities and municipalities were challenging the status quo with regard to signage. Most were looking to reduce the visual clutter and encourage a lower profile, higher visual aesthetic, architectural type signage for new and existing developments. Our decades of experience paired with our craftsmanship, underpin our success as one of the nation’s leading architectural signage manufacturers.


As an outgrowth of our ability to fabricate custom architectural signage, we have been called upon to fabricate many non-signage pieces for clients. This can be accent light bars for a multifamily project, a United States Seal for a government facility, a custom cornice board for a building, a dividing wall for an office interior, decorative panels, screen walls for parking garages… really anything that can be imagined, we can most likely fabricate for you. So, the next time you want something unusual and are not sure where to source it, give us a call.


We understand your need for a trusted partner when it comes to servicing your signs and outdoor lighting. At Fravert our service technicians are trained to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all of your sign and lighting needs… we are not parts changers. We offer a routine maintenance program where we catalog all of the components by location so that our teams are prepared with the proper materials when they arrive at your location.


While the term “wayfinding” may not be commonly known, it is a process of getting visitors to their desired destination. Great wayfinding offers clear direction, is accessible and blends effortlessly into its environment. Whether it is in healthcare, athletic, or public venues, our design team has the experience necessary to develop a solution that meets your design, budget and time constraints and are here to guide you through the process.

Recent Case Studies

Case Studies
July 17, 2020

UK Cornerstone project, at the University of Kentucky

We’re proud to have worked on the UK Cornerstone project, at the University of Kentucky, which transformed the entrance to the campus into a hub for innovation. We built and…
Case Studies
July 17, 2020

Project | Ascend – 5 Points

We love to contribute to local projects and that includes Birmingham’s newest luxury high-rise residential development. Located in the historic 5 Points area, this 17-story tower is designed to revolutionize…
Case Studies
July 17, 2020

Project | Modera Reynoldstown

Atlanta’s latest luxury mixed-use apartment community is complete and we’re honored to have been a part of this exciting project. Located in the East Side of Atlanta, Modera Reynoldstown features…

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What They’re Saying

I have worked with Fravert Services for over 20 years, and on the very first job I became addicted to their level of service. They go beyond the call of duty, taking all of the uncertainty and guesswork out of the wayfinding and signage process.

Tim CokerPresident Capital Program Management

Having worked in facility management for over 20 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about hiring lighting and signage contractors. At the top of my list are experience, speed, and an ability to cut through the paperwork. That’s exactly what I get when working with Fravert Services. They have the right equipment and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

William Ritchey, Real Estate ManagerGlobal Corporate Services

Fravert does a great job graphically, but these guys are also very thorough from concept to installation. I don’t have to call three times to ask if they're going to be ready on a certain date. That focus on delivering reliable results is the key reason that we continue to call on Fravert Service for our signage needs.

Dave Rogers, PrincipalGrovont Partners

Professionalism, effective communications, and kindness are qualities that we look for in vendor relationships. Everyone that I’ve dealt with at Fravert Services, from designers to the project managers, have gone above and beyond in response to our needs. And it doesn’t seem to matter how large or small the project; it still receives the same high level of attention, which I believe is important.

Barbara Cardinal, PR and Marketing ManagerMontgomery Eye Physician

After our signs were installed the problems stopped, almost immediately. It was like stopping the flow of water out of a leaky faucet. It was great!

Claudette H. Demuth, Director of MarketingMarshall Medical Centers