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By collaborating early in the process with Crescent Communities, we were able to design, build, and install a branded package that fit their vision and aligns with the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, known for its creative heart and soul.

Architectural Signage

Experiential Graphics


Atlanta, GA

Exterior Building & Site Signage

  • Identification / brand signage applied to the building
  • Public & resident entry signage and information
  • Code-required and fire-safety signage

Parking Deck Signage

  • Entry / Exit identification and clearance markers
  • Vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding
  • Traffic control signage
  • Reserved parking signage
  • Code required room id signs

Interior Signage

  • Wayfinding
  • Branding and theming signage 
  • Unit and amenity identification
  • ADA code-required signage
  • Fire code signage
  • Rules & regulation signage
Modera Vinings

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Site Signage

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